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Schools have different cleaning and supply needs than other businesses. More

We understand the needs of industry, because that’s what we do. More

Food Service
In no other business are sanitation requirements so evident to the customers. More

Building Service Contractors
In the highly competitive Building Services area, the bottom line is... the bottom line. More

When you operate in the hospitality industry, your business is judged every day by every person that walks through your doors. More

Automotive is a fast-moving industry with unique needs. More

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Did you know: 84% of employed U.S adults admit to having gone to work while sick?

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About Us

Showroom Tomcat machines 01At Safeway Supply, our answer to your questions about cleaning systems and supplies is always “Yes!”


Even more important are the innovative ways we follow up that commitment.


We plan to be your partner in delivering the highest quality products, at the best prices, with unexpected customer service!





Yes, Safeway Supply has everything you need to keep your business clean, safe, and supplied.


We stock more than 2,500 essential products, with access to an additional 14,000 items and equipment.


We deliver these products to your door when you need them. With our two San Antonio warehouse locations, fleet of delivery trucks, and responsive sales and service staff, you experience less down time and more efficiency every step of the way.


“I have had the opportunity to purchase many different brands of scrubbers through the years for different types of facilities and I can tell you that my company will be sticking with Tomcat for our scrubber needs.”

Michael C.

Building Service Contractor



Yes, we can match our competitors’ pricing, product for product.


But our most important service is matching each individual product to every one of your cleaning and supply needs. We go the extra step by introducing you to products that:


– Last longer – requiring less time changing, replacing, and filling stock

– Offer higher quality – you can use less to get better results

– Feature controlled usage – leading to less waste going down the drain or ending up in the trash


We show how smart pricing leads to greater savings.


“Ross has been great to work with, helping us find the best and most cost effective solution for our janitorial needs.”

Terry T.

Facilities Director

Private Church/School



Yes, we take pride in partnering with our customers.


We know that no business is exactly like another. No budgets or staffs are identical. And no cleaning challenge is the same – from business to business, from year to year, even from season to season.


That’s why we work extra hard to understand every customer’s real needs. And then introduce innovative products and responsive service to meet them.


“I’ve been in tight spots for supplies and you’ve been able to get me what I needed within 4 hrs, even though we are 45 minutes away. I am very pleased with the service I receive from Safeway Supply. Thank you!”

Tony O.

Sanitation Supervisor

Local Area Distribution Center



Yes, our approach works. That is why Safeway Supply boasts:

– The highest customer retention rate

– An average growth of 36% each of the last two years

– More than 500 customers and growing, including HEB, CAT, McCombs auto group, and all large (and smaller) school districts in the area


When you are looking for matchless solutions to any cleaning challenge, think about who can deliver the Products, Price, and Service. Then say, “Yes! I’m calling Safeway Supply.”


“In the 15 years I have been dealing with suppliers, one company that stands out from the rest, Safeway Janitorial Supply Company. They have the best prices and excellent customer service. It’s always a pleasure to work with them.”

Director of Janitorial and Conference Setup

T bar M Conference & Resort