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Schools have different cleaning and supply needs than other businesses. More

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Food Service
In no other business are sanitation requirements so evident to the customers. More

Building Service Contractors
In the highly competitive Building Services area, the bottom line is... the bottom line. More

When you operate in the hospitality industry, your business is judged every day by every person that walks through your doors. More

Automotive is a fast-moving industry with unique needs. More

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General Items

Safeway Supply Inc.
Carries over 14,000 Janitorial Cleaning and Maintenance products. In addition we are a Master Distributor for some of the Leading Manufacturers of Janitorial and Maintenance Equipment. We provide Training and are an Authorized Service Depot for all Equipment Lines carried. We invite you to visit our Showroom and Tour our Facility.

  • Adhesive Removers
  • Applicators, Floor Finish, All Types (Except Brushes)
  • Bottles, Glass For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies
  • Bottles, Plastic For Cleaners, Detergents, and Janitorial Supplies
  • Brush Cleaner
  • Brooms, Brushes, and Handles
  • Cleaner and Detergent, Paste and Tablets
  • Cleaner and Polish, Metal For Brass, Stainless Steel, etc
  • Cleaner, Hand and Skin, Health Care Personnel
  • Cleaner, Hand, Mechanics’ Waterless
  • Cleaner, Hard Products, General Purpose, Liquid (Includes Graffiti Cleaners)
  • Cleaner and Polish, Wood
  • Cleaner, Heavy Duty Degreaser, Including Oven Cleaners
  • Cleaner and Polish for Marble, Masonry, Porcelain, etc
  • Cleaner, Sewer, Septic Tank, and Waste Pipe, Aerobic Bacteria and Fungi Type
  • Cleaner, Tile and Grout
  • Cleaner, Toilet Bowl, Granular and Liquid
  • Cleaner: Vinyl, Upholstery
  • Cleaner and Wax: Window, Mirror, and Glass
  • Cleanser, Powdered, Chlorinated
  • Deodorant Blocks, All Types
  • Deodorants for Portable Toilets (Including Ozone Air Freshener Type)
  • Deodorants, Room, All Types
  • Detergent, Car Washing and Detail
  • Detergent-Disinfectant (Washroom Type), Liquid and Aerosol
  • Dishwashing Compounds, Hand and Machine Type (Including Rinse Solutions)
  • Disinfectants, Pine Oil
  • Dispensers, Lotion and Soap
  • Dispensers For Metered Aerosol Deodorants, Air Sanitizers, and Insectides
  • Dispensers and Holders for Paper Towels, Toilet Tissue, Heavy Duty Wipers and Toilet Seat Covers
  • Dispensers For Sanitary Napkins and Tampons
  • Door Mats For Entrance Ways, Halls, Anti Fatigue Mats, Gym Mats etc…
  • Dusting Cloth and Dusters: Feather, Lambswool, Split, etc.
  • Dust Pans
  • Floor Polishes and Waxes, Floor Sealer, and Dust Mop Treating  Compound
  • Floor Stripper and Cleaners
  • Floor Sweeping Compound and Oil
  • Furniture Polish
  • Janitor Carts and Bags
  • Janitorial Equipment and Supplies
  • Litter Pickup Devices
  • Mop Buckets, Wringers, Bucket Trucks, and Attachments
  • Mops, Heads, and Handles, Dry and Treated Types
  • Mops, Heads, and Handles, Wet Types
  • Protectant For Furniture, Carpet, Fabrics, etc.
  • Oil, Chemical, and Hazardous Material Spill Absorbents, Cleaners, Neutralizers,
  • Receptacle Liners for Vinyl and Steel Waste Receptacles
  • Rubber Floor Cleaner
  • Rug and Carpet Shampoo and Spot Remover (Including Deodorizers)
  • Sand Urns, Filling Materials, Smoking Stands and Wall Mounted Ashtrays.
  • Sanitary Napkins and Tampons, Dispensable Type
  • Scale Remover Acid Type Cleaners For Dishwashers, Steam Tables,etc.
  • Soap, Hand: Bar, Foam, Liquid, and Powdered
  • Squeegees, Sponges, and Scrubbing Pads For Manual Hard Surface Cleaning
  • Stain Remover, Pet
  • Waste Receptacles