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Schools have different cleaning and supply needs than other businesses. More

We understand the needs of industry, because that’s what we do. More

Food Service
In no other business are sanitation requirements so evident to the customers. More

Building Service Contractors
In the highly competitive Building Services area, the bottom line is... the bottom line. More

When you operate in the hospitality industry, your business is judged every day by every person that walks through your doors. More

Automotive is a fast-moving industry with unique needs. More

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Industry / Manufacturing understand the needs of industry, because that’s what we do.


Our goal is to partner with you, to learn about your situation, so we can save you time, trouble, and money. Two examples:


Efficient Paper Products

Our Clea line of paper towels boasts a 925’ roll, which is more than basic dispensers carry. This stops the problem of restrooms running out of paper before the cleaning crew gets to them. Our Jumbo Roll toilet tissue is 1125-feet – more than the average jumbo roll. Longer lasting with fewer change outs, means lower labor cost.


Plumbing Friendly Cleaning Products

Our Heavy Duty hand cleaners contain natural walnut scrubbers rather than the typical pumice scrubber you find in most products. The environmentally friendly walnut will break down naturally, meaning no build up or clogging in your plumbing system.


Safeway Supply also makes a pledge no one else dares to make:


  • We will not let you run out of supplies!


Running out of a critical component can mean costly down time. We keep you supplied by visiting your plant frequently in the first few months, so we get a clear idea of your usage and order levels. No hassle. No last minute re-ordering. No worries. No downtime.


AND we guarantee this: We will NEVER overstock you, or we will pick up any excess supplies for a full refund!


Contact us so you can start saving today!