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Schools have different cleaning and supply needs than other businesses. More

We understand the needs of industry, because that’s what we do. More

Food Service
In no other business are sanitation requirements so evident to the customers. More

Building Service Contractors
In the highly competitive Building Services area, the bottom line is... the bottom line. More

When you operate in the hospitality industry, your business is judged every day by every person that walks through your doors. More

Automotive is a fast-moving industry with unique needs. More

Random Thoughts

Did you know: Salt is the most common seasoning mentioned in the Bible. Salt was a vital mineral that was not only essential to life, but also preserved other foods critical for survival. Salt was so important that it was also often used as a form of currency or as a unit of exchange. The word “Salary” comes from salt?

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Lodging/Hospitality you operate in the hospitality industry, your business is judged every day by every person that walks through your doors.


Your customers expect the premises to be kept as clean and welcoming as a home, but with the high traffic of a business.


Whether you are part of a large national chain, or a local business, Safeway Supply can help.


For larger chains with national suppliers, we can help you with

  • Quick response on frequently used and high consumption items
  • Equipment supplies and local repairs to keep your staff working
  • Competitive prices on high-quality products


For locally-based businesses, we can handle all your cleaning supplies and equipment needs

  • 2500 products in stock
  • Full line of floor-maintenance equipment
  • Fleet of delivery trucks ready to head to your dock
  • Knowledgeable sales team that understands your business


Contact us so we can start helping your business become more welcoming today!


“Like most organizations, we at the Admiral Nimitz Foundation look for quality vendors which have quality products, a high level of customer service, and provide both at a budget-friendly rate. Safeway Supply is such a vendor. Our Safeway Supply representative also brings enthusiasm for true customer service, delivering on product research and time-sensitive needs. After meeting other members of the Safeway Supply staff it is clear this attention to customer service is part of the company culture.”

Ian B.


Admiral Nimitz Foundation

Fredericksburg Texas