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Premium Floor Finishes


24-7 Floor Finish24-7®

Extended Performance Floor Finish

Extend Stripping Cycles from 18 to 36 months.
24/7 is a new, highly advanced floor finish with a superior “off-the-mop” initial gloss. This ultra-high solids formula provides exceptional film clarity, repels soils and scratches, and extends the time between stripping cycles from 18 to 36 months

25K Floor Finish25K Floor Finish
25% Diamond Pad Maintained Finish

  • Superior UHS Gloss Builds Immediate Shine
  • Excellent Scuff and Black Mark Resistance
  • Greatly Reduces Maintenance Labor
  • High-Traffic Durability considerably extends Scrub & Strip Cycle
  • UHS Frequent to Semi-Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish provides Superior Gloss.

Builds an immediate shine when used as directed. Maintained with Diamond or Conventional pads.

MVP MaxMVP Max ®
UHS Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish

  • Diamond Clarity & Wet-Look Gloss
  • Builds Immediate Long-Lasting Shine
  • Durable – Reduces Scrub & Strip Frequency
  • Superior Mark & Scuff Resistance
  • Significantly Reduces UHS Powdering
  • Greatly Decreases Maintenance Labor

Brulins best UHS Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish provides brilliant, diamond-clear gloss and builds an immediate, enduring shine when used as directed. Durability extends stripping cycle. Superior mark and scuff resistance greatly reduces maintenance labor. Significantly reduces UHS Powdering.


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Infrequent Maintenance, Low-Odor Floor Finish

  • Versatile  – Use in any Maintenance Frequency Program
  • Superior Mark, Scuff and Scratch Resistance
  • Minimizes Dirt Penetration
  • Durable  – Reduces Recoating Frequency

Low-Odor Floor Finish provides immediate, wet-look gloss when applied as directed. Withstands 24/7 traffic, extending scrub and strip cycle. Tenaciously resists marks and scuffs, reducing maintenance. Substantially reduces dirt penetration looks better, longer. Superior leveling for easy application.

Centurium 2000 ®
UHS Semi-Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish
UHS Semi-Frequent Maintenance Floor Finish provides superior gloss. Builds an immediate shine when used as directed. Excellent scuff resistance greatly reduces Maintenance Labor. High-traffic durability considerably extends Scrub & Strip Cycle. UHS flexibility significantly reduces UHS powdering.

Spotlight ®
Labor Reducing UHS Floor Finish

High-Traffic Durability – Considerably Extends Scrub & Strip Cycle Superior UHS Gloss – Builds Immediate Shine – Excellent Scuff Resistance greatly reduces Maintenance Labor – UHS Flexibility significantly decreases UHS Powdering

Our most flexible UHS finish, contractors prefer the durability. Reduces burnishing days, while maintaining a retail durable high gloss. Builds an Immediate Shine when used as directed.

Natural Look ®
Matte-Look Floor Finish

Natural Look, Clear, Matte-Look Appearance – Superior Durability – Maintains Matte Appearance
Minimal Light Reflection – Perfect for Health Care Areas & Alzheimer’s Wards – Versatile – Use as Seal or Finish

Matte-look floor finish provides a clear satin finish for a Natural Look. Superior durability, maintains its matte appearance. Minimal light reflection makes it perfect for use in health care areas such as Alzheimer wings where high gloss is not desirable. Versatile may be used as a seal or a finish on a wide range of floors.


  • Ground Floor ESD Floor Polish
  • Static Dissipating Floor Finish
  • Static Dissipating Properties Prevents Triboelectric Charges
  • Long-Lasting – Remains Effective for 30 Days Under Normal Use
  • Strips Easily – Removable by Conventional Stripping Methods
  • For Use on Composition Tile

Static dissipating properties prevent triboelectric charging of personnel or objects moving across the floor. Used properly, will achieve 106 – 109 per square. Remains effective for thirty days under normal conditions. Easily removed by conventional stripping. Ground Floor ESD products, when used with each other, will eliminate incompatibilities which interfere with critical static reduction.

TerraGreen ZF Environmental Finish ®
Low-Odor, Zinc-Free, All-Program Finish

  • Green Seal™ Certified  Environmentally Responsible
  • Excellent Durability – Considerably Extends Scrub & Strip Cycle
  • Superior Mark & Scuff Resistance – Greatly Reduces Maintenance Labor
  • Multi-Program Finish – Use in All Floor Care Programs
  • Low Odor – Use 24/7

Green Seal™ Certified  independently proven to be an environmentally responsible finish. High-traffic durability extends stripping cycle. Superior mark and scuff resistance reduces maintenance. For use in all floor care programs. Low odor for 24/7 facilities. Superior gloss. Does not contain heavy metals.