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Did you know: 84% of employed U.S adults admit to having gone to work while sick?

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Restroom Renovations

Safeway Supply’s Innovative ‘No Cost Restroom Renovation Program’

Through Safeway Supply’s Restroom Renovation Program you can improve the appearance and hygiene of your restroom facilities, while saving money, time, and headaches. At Safeway Supply, Innovation and efficiency are key to all of our systems’ success. Please note your savings are realized through less maintenance time spent and less product used. Plus our systems have one of the highest hygienic ratings on the market. Best of all our Designer Dispensing Systems can be provided and installed free of charge! For as long as our products are of service to you.


You and your Safeway representative discuss what dispensing system works best for your facility. Some of the topics would include:

  1. Paper Dispensing
  2. Paper Types
  3. Hand Soaps
  4. Deodorizing
  5. Color Scheme
  6. Placement and Layout
  7. Usage

You and your Safeway representative discuss which areas are best for a substantial test; we recommend one women’s restroom and one men’s restroom.

After you say go, we will install dispensers at no charge and give you FREE PRODUCT for two weeks. This FREE EVALUATION allows you to find out, risk free, if our products work better, last longer and cost less. (Note: Old dispensers can be replaced at no charge if you are not 100% satisfied)

*Note: Not all companies qualify under this special offer please check with your Sales Representative.