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Did you know: Most toilets flush in the key of E flat?

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emini1CPI The Microfiber Experts.
CPI have put together the most comprehensive line of high performance cleaning fibers systems in the world. Our impressive leadership and world-wide relationships are extended to our customers through unsurpassed global manufacturing.
CPI takes the finest products even further by offering comprehensive training at all levels to assure the right product are being used for the right application. We are Creative Products International, the Microfiber Company.


Hand and Skin Care

Safeway Supply – Master Distributor of Premium Foaming Skin Care Soap, Sanitizers and Dispensers

We offer the complete line of Kutol products. Kutol is a 100 year old company manufacturing the highest quality products. In addition 100% of our products are produced in their modern, FDA-registered facility in accordance with stringent government guidelines. You can buy with confidence, knowing that all products are manufactured in compliance with government regulations and Good Manufacturing Practices.

Foaming Luxury Hand Soap
Luxurious foaming soap with a very appealing tropical fragrance. Contains Aloe and Vitamin E. Economical and soft-dispensing, a favorite among end-users.

Foaming Dye & Fragrance Free Hand Soap (68641, 68631)
Same great formula as the Foaming Luxury, but without dye or fragrance, for wall mount and counter mount dispensers.

Foaming Enriched Moisture Wash
Extra creamy foam, enriched with Emollients and Humectants for intense moisturizing. Sophisticated night-jasmine fragrance, with a transparent green appearance. Super softness in a very effective hand cleaner.

Foaming Premium Moisture Wash
Creamiest foam, enriched with more Emollients and Humectants for most intense moisturizing. Sophisticated light vanilla fragrance.

Foaming Luxury Hand Soap w/Aloe & Vitamin E Green Seal (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Luxury Dye& Fragrance Free Hand Soap Green Seal (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Antibacterial Hand Soap w/Aloe & Vitamin E (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Instant Hand Sanitizer w/Aloe & Vitamin E (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Hair & Body Shampoo w/Aloe & Vitamin E (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming E-2 Bacteria Controlling Hand Sanitizer (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Alcohol Hand Sanitizer (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Enriched Moisture Wash (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Antibacterial Moisture Wash (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Dye & Fragrance Free Moisture Wash (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Foaming Medicated Soap Triclosan Free (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Liquid Enriched Lotion Soap (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Liquid Antibacterial Hand Soap (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)
Liquid Moisturizing Body Wash & Shampoo (SIZE & PACK 1000mL / 6)

EZ HAND HYGIENE™ Foam & Liquid 1000mL Dispensing System
Originally developed for our popular EZ Foam foaming soaps, the EZ Hand Hygiene Dispensing System also accommodates 3 EZ Liquid lotionized soaps as well. Versatility that allows more options and easier changeovers, stock one dispenser for both foam and liquid.

• Guaranteed leak proof
• Economical to use
• ADA compliant
• 7 thick, rich Foam formulas
• 3 extra creamy Foam Moisture Wash formulas with emollients and humectants
• 3 premium Liquid products
• Large view window
• Secured keyed locking option
• Multi-lingual packaging
• KIDS – “Key Illness Defense System”™ education support materials

Safeway Also Carries
Ideal for preventing cross-contamination in restrooms
• Six rich foam formulas
• Top dispensing to eliminate leakage and waste
• Easy to read indicator lights
• Uses 6AA batteries

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