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Wood Floor Care

AquaVantage 40+ ®
Two-Part, Water-Based 100% Aliphatic Urethane Finish

  • 100% Urethane Coating  withstands Heavy Traffic
  • Crystal Clear – won’t yellow over time
  • Taber Abrasion Resistance of 40  Unsurpassed Durability
  • Restorable  Repairs & Restores Gloss
  • Water-Based – Safer than Solvents – Quicker Drying Time

Withstands the heaviest traffic. Long-lasting, crystal clear finish won’t yellow or discolor over time. An industry-best Taber Abrasion Resistance of 40 provides unsurpassed durability, extends recoat up to 2 years with proper maintenance. Restorable.

AquaVantage 75 ®
Single Part, Water-Based 100% OMU Finish

  • Single Part Convenience  No Mixing, No Waste
  • Oxygen Cross-linked  Outperforms Standard Solvent-Based, Oil-Modified Finishes
  • Taber Abrasion Resistance of 75  Exceptional Durability
  • Restorable  Repairs & Restores Gloss
  • Water-Based  Safer than Solvents, Quicker Dry Time

Single part convenience means no mixing, no waste. Unique water-based formulation uses the oxygen in the air as the cross linker and outperforms standard solvent-based OMU finishes. Taber abrasion Resistance of 75 provides exceptional durability. Restorable.

AquaVantage 80 ®
Two-Part, Water-Based Acrylic Urethane Sealer/Finish

  • Versatile  Sealer & Finish
  • Faster Dry Time  Allows for Rapid Recoating
  • Taber Abrasion Resistance of 80  Excellent Durability
  • Restorable  Repairs & Restores Gloss
  • Water-Based  Safer than Solvents

May be used as a sealer or a finish. Quick dry time and ease of application allows for rapid recoating. Opens floor to traffic sooner. Taber Abrasion Resistance of 80 provides excellent durability. Restorable.

Gym Floor Finish
<450 VOC g/L, Solvent-Based OMU Finish

  • VOC <450  Meets Most VOC Requirements
  • High Gloss  Mirror Finish
  • Light Color  Minimizes Age Discoloration
  • Taber Abrasion Resistance of 125  High Durability

Oil-modified urethane meets VOC requirements in most states. Thinner viscosity makes application easier. High gloss gives mirror finish. Light color enhances the beauty of the wood and minimizes oxidation and discoloration. Taber Abrasion Resistance of 125 provides durability.

AquaVantage Dust Control ®
RTU Water-Based Dust Mop Treatment

  • Superior Dust Removal  50% More Effective than Untreated Dust Mops
  • Versatile  Compatible with Water-Based & Solvent-Based Finishes
  • Residue-Free  Restores Traction

Provides superior cleaning power for dust mops  treated dust mops are 50% more effective than untreated dust mops. Versatile  use for cleaning water-based or solvent-based finishes. Leaves no residue on the floor and restores traction.